Deer Resistant Perennials

A Guide to Deer Resistant Perennials

If you have had it with the deer grazing on your flower garden, then it’s probably time for you to plant some deer resistant perennials. These particular flowers, of the perennial family, are ones that are not particularly appealing to deer, although you should bear in mind that a hungry deer will eat nearly any flower, however unappetizing.

The following is a list of deer resistant perennials that includes the name and description of each flower to help you get a feel for what would work best in your garden.

Lavender is not only a pretty plant to look at, but it grows well in many climates! –And the smell? Lovely! You may want to trim down your lavender to avoid the “overgrown” look. Also, you will need to make sure to water your lavender regularly in the summer in you live in a particularly dry tropical climate.

Lamb’s Ear offers a ghostly sort of beauty with grey stalk and leaf coloring and purple flowers. It is a great addition if you have children, as the petals are fuzzy to the touch and can entertain your child for ages! The important thing to keep in mind when planting lamb’s ear is to keep it minimal. It can be fairly persistent in growth and you may find it difficult to stamp out.

Balloon Flowers are the prettiest little things that many gardens tend to lack these days. They genuinely look like a balloon just before blooming into a lovely five-point flower. They are a hardy flower with a long life; however they aren’t good for “dividing”.

Columbine is a gorgeous flower that, to me, seems like one type of flower stacked on top of another. They come in a variety of colors, so there is bound to be a shade that will compliment your garden well.

The Butterfly Bush is a great late-summer bloomer. The shape of the flowers has kind of a lilac resemblance that protrudes from the bush on long stalks. It is commonly found in shades of purple, blue, and ruby.

Gayfeather is a larger plant whose flowers grow up stalks about three or four feet high. They are most commonly found in white or purple colors and are excellent planted around the edge of the garden or along a fence.

Bleeding Heart is a simple and delicate looking plant, but they are sure to add a bright touch to your garden. This sweet-looking plant produces heart-shaped flowers that hang in either small clusters or one-by-one along a long branch. The way they “fall” from the branch gives a weeping sort of appearance, but this delicacy makes them appear all the more lovely.

Foxglove is another four-footer, but is so lovely that it’s worth a little garden feng shui to find the right place for this flower. Foxglove has horn-shaped blooms that usually point downward on the stalk. It is available in many colors and makes an excellent finish around the edge of your garden.

Wild and False Indigo make an excellent border or fence-lining flower. They grow to about four feet high, but have a very clean-cut and unobtrusive look. They are available in several soft colors and are sure to brighten any garden.

Yarrow may also be a good choice to plant in your garden or yard. It features tiny yet color flowers and is very easy to maintain. An added bonus is that it is drought resistant, which makes it a plus for dry climate gardening!

There are many other deer resistant perennials that may make a great addition to your garden.  I hope you’ve found this list to be helpful and best of luck with your garden!

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