Deer Bait

Deer Bait Tips That You Can Use

Using deer bait can great increase your chances of getting a deer this hunting season. It is a simple procedure and you will not have to constantly walk or sit up in trees for hours on end in the cold weather. If you have your own property, this is an even better idea because you will not be competing with other hunters. But if you do not own your own property, you can still use this method. Choose a quiet, out of the way area and place your deer bait there. Overtime, you will see results.

Before you set your deer bait, remember that in some states this is illegal. It may even be illegal at certain times, so check the hunting laws in your state to see if you can safely do this. The next step to learn is how much and what kind of deer bait do you need. In some states, the amount of food is limited because of outbreaks of TB and other diseases.

The best kinds of foods that you can use for deer hunting are corn, sugar beets, apples or carrots. The amount of food is another matter completely. There was a time when hunters would unload truck loads of bait into a certain area. They thought that quantity would help but you really only need a few large bags of deer bait placed over a 10 foot diameter. If you repeat this process a few times a week, you can hunt whenever you want to. The deer will become used to finding food there and they will return to the area frequently. This is the only way deer bait works. If you expect to shoot a deer from one baiting, this method is not for you.

When you walk to your area to place your deer bait in the location, do not be concerned with leaving an odor. Be sure not to hang around after you have baited the area and leave immediately. Most deer will become alarmed at the site of people but they will ignore a human smell when food is present. As long as they cannot see you, they will consume the deer bait. Repeat the process for a few weeks and allow the deer to become comfortable. You can now start to hunt the deer.

While attempting to hunt a deer, you will have to worry about scent and appearance. You should use specific deer hunting wipes that erase the human smell. You should also wear camouflage so that the deer has a hard time seeing you. On the day you choose to hunt, do not touch any of the food. Pick an area that is out of the way. A small hunting hutch is perfect or you can use a hunting ladder to sit in a tree and wait for the deer. While you are waiting, make sure that you cannot be seen and try not to move around a lot. This can scare the deer away. You should also leave the family dog at home. It may be nice to take the dog walking in the woods when you deliver the deer bait to the area everyday but never take it on the day you plan to hunt. Deer are known to be frightened by things like cats and skunks, so your dog is a sure way to scare away the animal.

Do not be disappointed if your day does not go as planned. It might be that the wind carried your scent to the deer or you made a slight noise when you shouldn’t have. Using deer bait is a method that almost always gets results if you are patient enough to let it.

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